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We highly recommend that every business owner considering an exit read the book pictured above. 

This will give you an accurate and impartial overview of the need for exit planning, the options you have, and it goes into depth on many of the topics covered briefly on this website.

We want our clients to be informed and prepared, and welcome questions and comments on the book, the concepts in it and our website.

Your Goals

Whether you want to transition out of your business now or ten years from now, starting to plan your exit can never be too early. In fact, people just starting a company would save a ton of time, money and energy if they considered their exit options and ran their business accordingly.

There are two key factors to consider as you develop your personal goals. The first is your mental readiness to leave the business. Many owners simply decide one day that they can't take it any more and want to get out - right away! That is the most vulnerable and least productive type of exit.

Others want to stay on, but simply want to diversify some of their wealth. All of their money is tied up in their company and it's time to start taking care of the family and themselves. You may be in one camp or the other, or you may be somewhere in between.

The other factor is your financial preparedness. Have you been building an investment portfolio outside of your business? Are you going to rely solely on the proceeds from the sale of your business? This factor is very important to your goal setting and the kind of exit plan you establish.

What kind of life are you planning to live after you leave the business? How much money will you need? Do you plan to start another business, or do you plan to retire? These and other questions need to be asked as you determine what your goals will be.

Our job is to help you define these goals. Once they are established, we can begin to build an outline of the exit strategy. As you will see, there are many options available to you.