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Our good friend Jim Oliver, a veteran Fortune 100 CFO, has created unique profitability improvement and value creation management tools that we license from him. They integrate strategy, operations and financial management. The business analysis, planning and execution management tool consists of twelve modules. 

The cornerstone, however, is the business "picture." It is an 8 1/2" by 11" colored reflection of an organization's cause and effect components that drive value creation. Another feature is the ability to determine how a business plan and or alternative strategies will impact a company's intrinsic value. Two key modules link the customer value proposition and the business processes that deliver customer value. An additional major feature is an execution roadmap.

As you can see in the picture above, there are many aspects to business operations that are included in our analysis. This is just one of several modules within the total system. Green highlights represent those areas that are in good shape, while yellow represents a need for improvement and red illustrates areas of immediate concern.

A business capabilities module shows an overall picture of your company's business processes, where they stand, and where they need to improve.

There is also a manager assigned to each process, so that there is accountability.







The Industry Profile and Competitive Gap analysis provides you with a look at how your are doing against your competition - and against best in class.





You need to know how you stack up overall, and the market and competitive analysis provides you with an instant picture of your improvements, milestones and benchmarks.

We measure market size and growth, your competitive position in the market, product life cycles and more.









A proper analysis of your financial position includes liquidity, profitability, economic value added and much more.










Your profitability analysis contains hundreds of line items that gauge how your company is doing on virtually every level from manufacturing to sales.



We have only included a small representative sample of the many modules in our system that encompasses every phase of your business and provides a picture of your business that no other company can match.

Redtail Capital combines this business analysis with our proprietary Execution Roadmap (see below) that we use to help you identify specific actions that need to be taken to drive the strategies, tactics and operations you need to create additional value in your company.

The combination of deep company analysis, value enhancement strategies, and the execution roadmap provides a value that is unmatched in our or any industry.