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About TIGRcubs and Entrex

Entrex is entrepreneur led and was borne out of the need for a clear, fair and efficient path to capital for growing private companies.

Entrex offers entrepreneurial companies exposure and credibility to the financial market.

By offering the capital community efficient licensing, origination, servicing, reporting, rating and trading of private company financial instruments Entrex has developed a new and unique financing structure.

To CEOs, this means that Entrex  and Redtail Capital are clearing your path to the investment community.

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       What's a TIGRcub?

TIGRcub stands for Top-Line Income Generation Rights Certificate. You might think of it as a securitized royalty or a revenue bond, where a company issues certificates that provide a base interest rate return combined with a percentage of future gross revenues over a set period of time. The focus is on the top line revenue number.

This allows companies to access institutional capital without suffering from equity dilution, valuation issues, corporate governance arguments, etc. It is a debt structure that offers both private and public companies the opportunity to finance future growth, acquisitions, ESOPs, MBOs and other corporate strategies with a flexible, sensible and securitized solution.

The TIGRcub is a financing option that business managers should take a strong look at. Unlike equity or mezzanine debt, which include equity or warrants and can be dilutive to owners, a TIGRcub is normally a strictly cash offering. Since the focus is on top line revenue, there can be fewer restrictions and covenants in a TIGRcub structure than traditional bank financing.

There are several attractive features to a TIGRcub. Each offering is geared to the needs of the issuer, so there is a great deal of flexibility in terms of structure. They can be amortized or non-amortizing, for a fixed or variable term, there are even perpetual TIGRcubs. The buyers of these securities are Qualified Institutional Buyers, so they are very sophisticated fixed income professionals with capital to deploy.

Redtail Capital serves as an origination and placement agent, working with each client and Entrex to structure an appropriate offering, take the offering to market and get it placed with the right investor. This is a simple, streamlined process that usually takes between eight to twelve weeks from engagement to funding.

If you or someone you know might benefit from issuing a TIGRcub, please have them contact us at the number below. If you are a QIB and are interested in hearing more about this novel yield-bearing instrument, we would be happy to share more information.

For more information on Entrex and how a TIGRcub works, visit