Management Consulting

We have seen dozens of companies that believe that they are doing well and are ready for institutional investment, only to look under the hood and find potential problems or weaknesses that could derail a funding event.

By having our team give your business a thorough examination, you can prepare your company for a successful financing. 

We go beyond the fundamentals, looking deeply into the enterprise to recognize both tangible and intangible assets and liabilities.

Our proprietary value building formula will enable you to see exactly where you are - and more importantly what you may need to do to bring your company up to "investment grade."

After performing this examination, we can then come up with a game plan to meet your funding requirements and provide you with an accurate projection of your funding options and timeline.

Your chances of obtaining funding become more realistic, your cost of capital decreases, and your company is better prepared to become a dominant force in your industry.

Funding Options and Alternatives

Debt Financing

Whether you are looking to finance new equipment, need working capital, have accounts receivable that aren't providing enough cash flow, or simply want to raise capital without undergoing equity dilution, this may be your choice of funding.

Redtail Capital has lenders and institutional groups that can meet your debt funding needs. Senior notes, subordinated notes, or lines of credit can provide a company with the cash needed to go to the next level. 

Equity Financing

Many companies fall into the trap of trying to arrange equity funding, only to find later that they have either engaged in prohibited offerings or have given up too much equity for too little cash.

Redtail Capital can direct clients to appropriate counsel prior to conducting any type of equity raise if needed to determine that all regulatory issues are managed correctly. At the same time, we can work with our clients to determine a viable market valuation. 

Strategic Alliances

Very often, the best source of capital for a private company is a current or potential business partner. Redtail Capital can analyze potential strategic alliance partners that can provide accretive value to your enterprise in the form of capital and supply chain or revenue opportunities.

Reverse Mergers - Public Offerings

In today's environment, many companies are moving from the public arena to the private one. However, for many well-managed private companies that would like increased access to capital, the public markets are the best way to go. We can assist and advise management on the most viable way to bring your company to market. We can also introduce management to the broker-dealers and market makers that will initiate and support such an endeavor.