Our Support Team

Without the partners listed on the right, we would be hard pressed to ever get anything accomplished. 

We have seen it all, and know that even the best-managed companies can occasionally use a little help.

Legal, accounting, risk management, and essential business services such as marketing and public relations can help to transform a company overnight.

The partners we choose have a real ability to analyze situations, develop proactive solutions, and minimize cost while providing the maximum possible value. 

Structuring a solid funding transaction is a group effort and requires the kind of cooperation and teamwork that we know that the people here can provide.

After working on numerous deals with these businesses, we are very confident that any of them can provide the required services.

You choose which ones will best fit with your company culture. To learn more about each firm, simply click on the company logo.

Business Services and Resources

Capital Market Relations  is a financial public relations firm that works with growing small cap public companies. Among the many services offered are press release writing, collateral material design, media relations, television and radio programming, and other services geared towards getting clients more exposure to the market. The firm enjoys strong relationships with thousands of analysts, fund managers, brokers, and financial media editors. The goal of Capital Market Relations is to expand the retail shareholder base, build shareholder value, and lower the cost of capital.

Customer Paradigm was founded to help businesses become more profitable by developing customer-centric business practices. From full service, self service and software, they offer cost-effective marketing solutions for your organization. Their staff has developed user interfaces for Sony, created sequenced marketing campaigns for billion-dollar retailers, and helped magazine publishers become more profitable by leveraging email and the Web. Customer Paradigm helps businesses choreograph customer interactions that create loyal, lifetime customers.

Mendoza Berger & Company, LLP specializes in SEC reporting and auditing, business and tax planning/consulting and litigation support. The firm provides a multitude of services for public and closely - held businesses and their principals from a wide variety of industries such as information technology, manufacturing, food processing, brokers/dealers, banking/real estate and not for profit corporations, with clients based throughout the Southern California area, the Western United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Averiware is an innovative software company providing comprehensive Business Management Applications for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Averiware is the next generation solution offering Business Management functionality with integrated Supply Chain Management (SCM), Accounting and Financial Reporting, eCommerce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA), and Human Resources applications.