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Marketing Your Company 

There are many possible buyers for your business. How you market your company to them depends upon several factors. In most cases, a business owner does not want the world to know that the company is in play. 

Identifying prospective buyers is the first step. They may be competitors looking to expand their footprint, vendors looking for an internal complementary business unit, a similar business looking to gain geographic territory, a private equity group that sees underlying value, or any number of other suitors. We will analyze the universe of potential buyers and create a final prospect list with you.

Once potential buyers are identified, a one-page teaser is sent to all prospects. This flyer does not name your business or provide identifying details, but it does give them enough information to decide if they want to take a closer look. It is important that this teaser be crafted in a way that elicits sincere interest while separating buyers from non-buyers.

The buyers will contact us for more information, and we go through the list with you to see who you would want to deal with. Those that make the cut will receive a nondisclosure agreement, and those that sign will receive a confidential information memorandum that provides enough information to find out who is sincerely interested in proceeding. At this point the list should be down to a few serious buyers.

Those that are truly interested in making an offer for your company will want to talk with you and possibly visit your company. During this phase they are trying to see exactly how things might work, how the work cultures would compare, etc. If they see opportunity, they will draft a letter of intent, outlining the potential deal points and selling you on why you should choose them to enter into a deal with.