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Legal Preparation

If you have been a little lax in keeping your corporate books, minutes and meetings in order, you are not alone. The time to get everything cleaned up and in order is before you make a decision to sell or transfer your business.

A great attorney is a key member of any exit strategy team. Business structure, buy-sell agreements, due diligence issues, asset protection and liability issues are just some of the areas covered by an attorney.

Attorneys can be deal makers or they can be deal breakers. Most often, the reason a deal is killed by an attorney is because there was not enough preparation done ahead of time. A competent attorney can look ahead and foresee possible issues and eliminate them before you get to the negotiating table.

A pre-transaction due diligence exercise on the part of an attorney will reduce surprises and headaches later on. We recommend that you bring in an attorney early on to ensure that you and your business are protected in the case of a potential transaction or even the sudden death or disability of a key manager or shareholder. 

When it comes to the transaction itself, a competent attorney is an essential part of the team. The legal structure of a transaction is a critical aspect of the entire exercise, and you must have complete trust in the legal advice you receive. By working through the due diligence process and preparing ahead of time, you will have more assurance the you have the right legal eagle on your side.