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Building Value Pays Off Now AND Later

Value comes in many forms. You may derive value in having built your business. Customers derive value from your products and services. Employees derive value from being part of the team and supporting their families. Your family derives value from the resources and benefits you bring home.

When looking at the value of a business, we have to take all of these factors and more into consideration. For example, a competitor may value acquiring your business to expand their market share or reduce competition. A strategic buyer may value the acquisition of your business to expand into a new niche. A private equity firm may want to incorporate your business into one of their portfolio companies. 

Regardless of the intention of an outside entity placing a value on your business, making your company more valuable to your customers, vendors, employees and management team can only help generate more revenues and profits. There is the obvious ultimate realization of this greater value if and when you decide to execute a business transition.

Redtail Capital has licensed proprietary systems and processes that can assess your current value drivers and help you generate an action plan that will create the additional value that takes your company to a higher level.