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Financial Preparation For an Exit

Even the most up to date company is going to have challenges preparing for a business transition. While most companies have kept their books current and have an accountant reviewing their financials (usually as they prepare tax filings), the information required for a sale or acquisition can be daunting.

Many buyers will ask for audited financials. There is a major difference between reviewed and audited financials. An auditor will look beyond the numbers, trying to ascertain where they came from, how they are used, and how well each purchase, sale and payroll account is documented.

Consulting with a CPA who has audit experience can greatly reduce your eventual costs as you come to transaction time. There are many steps you can take today that will not only give your upcoming due diligence and closing a greater chance of success, they will also help you run your company more efficiently - driving greater value.

Additionally, you will want to prepare personally for the results of a transaction. You will need to measure the tax implications of various exit events, and form a game plan ahead of time.

Redtail Capital can work with your current CPA firm or we can recommend a great team in your area. Our network of professionals extends into every business discipline.