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Managing Risk

Risk management is simply making sure your bases are covered. If something happens to your or a key employee today, will this affect your business? How? How can you prevent that effect - or at least minimize it?

How complete are your human resource files and documents? What kind of programs do you have in place for training and supervision? Are you compliant with all state and federal policies? Is your workforce properly trained on safety issues?

Do you have written standard operating procedures? Are processes in place that can protect the company from catastrophes such as fire, flood or earthquake? Do you have a viable data security and backup system in place?

Are your management teams and directors covered by error and omission insurance? Do your directors have D&O insurance? Do employees drive company vehicles? 

Are you working with contract laborers who should be classified as employees? What is the difference and how can that affect your company and its valuation?

These are just some of the issues that a competent risk management advisor will go over with you as you prepare your company for a business succession.