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Wealth Preservation

The Process of Exiting Your Business

There is a structured process for exiting a business. First and foremost, you have to decide what you want. This is outlined in our goals area. Once you have decided what your goals are, your options come into focus. 

This is usually the time to review your wealth management plans. You are turning an illiquid asset (your business) into tangible wealth that usually needs to be managed by a professional who can deliver a credible wealth preservation strategy designed to meet your particular goals - whether it's retirement, philanthropy, family transfers, etc.

The first question we hear most from our prospective clients is, "What is my company worth?" Our valuation section is designed to help you understand how the answer to that question can depend on a number of factors.

Once we have determined your baseline value (what your company is worth today) and what your desired value is (depending on your exit goals), we can begin to build a strategy designed to maximize your outcome.

No matter the strategy employed, there are some common processes that need to occur. You will need all of your legal and corporate documentation reviewed by a competent attorney. You need your financials reviewed by an outside CPA, and usually those financials will need to be audited. A risk management review needs to be done. Management processes and systems need to be reviewed.

When your company is ready and your are prepared to begin the actual execution of an exit, we will work with you to undertake a successful transaction