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Due Diligence 

Welcome to the crucible. Transactions are forged and can also be vaporized during the due diligence process. 

The key to a successful due diligence process is preparation. Redtail Capital will set up a virtual data room that is completely secure and will hold all of the documentation necessary for a buyer to make sure that they know exactly what they are getting.

After executing a letter of intent with the buyer, you will receive a due diligence checklist. Most of the requests on the list can be anticipated and documentation prepared ahead of time and waiting in your data room. We will immediately go to work to meet any additional requests and deliver all required information.

In addition to a review of your financial and operational documentation, you can expect at least one and more likely several visits to your business. Key employees will be interviewed, business processes observed, and additional requests will be made. Expect buyers to contact key vendors, business partners, your CPA, and other affiliated entities that may provide third party information on your company.

During this time we will maintain constant contact with you and your buyer, making sure that communication is flowing and that there are no hold ups. The key to getting to the closing is to keep the process moving - maintaining momentum and inertia.

Redtail Capital will try to keep you one step ahead during this process, reading body language, interpreting requests, and predicting next steps.