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Closing The Transaction 

The ultimate stage of exit strategy execution is the closing transaction. From the time you receive an offer until the day you walk away, there will be more ups and downs than any roller coaster you have ever been on. Final closing occurs when a definitive buy/sell agreement is executed, all contingencies are removed and compensation is transferred.

Our job is to shave the peaks and valleys from this journey and create minimal distraction during the process. Your job is to continue to run your company as if nothing is happening. We have told clients many times, "When you start managing your company for a sale, you increase the odds of losing the sale - and maybe the company."

This period can be aggravating, frustrating and downright demoralizing without a team constantly working out the wrinkles and keeping all parties informed as progress is made. 

All of the work that has been done prior to making the company available comes to fruition in this stage, as legal, financial, and operational documentation has been reviewed and analyzed before being placed in your data room. When the buyer or successor begins their due diligence, you can rest assured that only minor hiccups will present themselves and that our team will jump on every question and request.

Your Redtail Capital team will be there through closing to ensure that you are receiving the value that you deserve.