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What Drives Your Business Value?

Every business is different. Contributions to your company's total value will come from many sources. By identifying and prioritizing value drivers you can focus on the things that will create the strongest results - translating into more dollars for you at your exit.

Value drivers come in all sizes and flavors. Generating sales and revenue, reducing expenses, freeing up cash flow, diversifying the customer base - these are just some of the many value drivers that may be identified. 

Whether they are growth drivers, efficiency drivers or financial drivers, they need to be identified and measured on a regular basis. The ultimate value is that derived by your customers, employees, vendors and equity holders. These are the values that will drive a higher transaction value.

An objective, independent view of the business model can help identify the things that a buyer will be looking for - not just what your management team feels are most important. This is crucial as you build your company for a transition. 

Over the course of the past thirty years, our friend Jim Oliver has developed and created a proprietary software suite that can provide this definitive view of your business. This tool, combined with Jim's execution roadmap, can help your team identify, clarify, and drive business value that pays off both now and when you decide to transition the business.