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Keeping Track - Key Performance Metrics

Key performance metrics need to be identified and measured. They should cover every single aspect of your business. Our proprietary tools will help you to evaluate every aspect of your company's performance - and how to improve it.

Financial: Your financials are your company's EKG readouts. If your financial statements are not accurately reflecting your company's performance, you are going to face severe operational challenges. How you pay and collect bills can affect cash flow. If you are in a products business, inventory turn is also a key metric to measure and evaluate. If you are a public company, how the market values your stock can be another factor to consider.

HR: How happy are your employees - really? Their attitude affects their performance and can influence your customers' perception of your company. How do your different departments interact? Is there a team spirit, or is there friction?

Operations: Is there room for an increase in productivity? Can you cut expenses by doing things differently? Are your operations process-driven? What kind of reporting is done and how frequently? How can you add value to your customers? Are you meeting customer expectations? Exceeding them? 

Marketing/Sales: Are people reaching and exceeding quotas? Are they well trained and do they have the marketing support they need? Can you add to the top line by adding staff? Are there additional channels that you can utilize to increase sales?

Redtail Capital will help you gain an objective and comprehensive view of your business metrics that can accurately forecast future performance and valuations.