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Evaluating Key Performance Metrics

A proper business evaluation will take several visits and meetings. While financial statements can provide some insight into the health of a company, Redtail Capital go much deeper. The first task is to determine exactly why we are evaluating the business, as this can affect a valuation. This is another reason that we need a detailed goal and objectives analysis - the business valuation should fit your particular exit strategy. 

Using our proprietary tools, we will analyze the culture of the company, and how your employees, managers, customers and vendors feel about things. How your company is perceived by the people who play a large part in its success can have a strong effect on final value.

Key performance metrics are analyzed and compared to best practices. They are also compared to peers and competitors in your particular industry and location. Not all of these metrics are strictly financial.

Depending on the type of business you run, a complete and comprehensive analysis will be made on all key metrics affecting the company. From there a picture of the business will develop, with grades given on each aspect of the company. This provides management with an insight into what activities will best contribute to an overall increase in business value. 

These evaluations continue on a regular basis throughout your exit planning process.