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Building Value Pays Off Now AND Later

It only makes sense - a company that is more valuable will net an owner more money upon their exit. What can you do to make your business more valuable during your time leading up to your leaving the company?

First of all, we need to establish a baseline value - what your company is most likely worth today (see our business valuation page.) From there, we can map out the milestones and objectives needed to reach the desired exit valuation. You determined this valuation when you sat down and figured out how much you needed for retirement.

Next we use this execution road map to provide a game plan to reach each objective. Using proprietary tools developed by our friend and senior consultant Jim Oliver, we can track your progress during periodic reviews and focus management attention on critical areas.

This consulting service is one of the key aspects of Redtail Capital that sets us apart from most exit planning companies. Building value in your business during your exit planning period will not only net you more at the exit, it will help you to realize greater personal benefits as well.