Our Philosophy

In today's uncertain and constantly  changing environment, putting solid business transactions together requires skill and dedication. We believe that only a transaction in which everybody is satisfied will work over the long haul.

When considering prospective clients, we place a great deal of emphasis on their goals and desires. How can we best help them achieve their goals? Are the goals realistic? What can be done to maximize the value of their business? 



Redtail Capital Principals

Jay Goth is a marketing veteran, having worked in a variety of industries including hospitality, energy, real estate, insurance and technology. 

As a founding executive of Commonwealth Energy  in 1997, Mr. Goth helped to define and write the initial business plan, raise over $60M in private capital, build a customer base of almost 100,000 prior to the electricity deregulation in California, and expand the company's operations into additional markets. The company became one of the largest unregulated retail electricity providers in the country, with third year revenues approaching $200M. In 2004 the company registered its shares with the SEC and went directly to the AMEX.

Mr. Goth has most recently been very active in the Internet marketing space. He formed Ascendant Communications Group in 2003 and that company has been profitable from the first year. He has also been working with public companies on IR initiatives and performs public relations for several companies. In addition, he has been retained as a consultant to several companies in the electronic transaction processing and stored value card industry.

A graduate of the University of Colorado, Mr. Goth received a B.A. with a double major in English literature and Economics. These studies have helped him in his role as copywriter and business plan developer. He has held several licenses, including Series 6, 63, 3, Real Estate, and Insurance. His main passion is downhill skiing, and he shares his wife's passion for riding performance thoroughbred horses and show jumping.

James Oliver has over twenty-five years of diversified business management, finance and accounting experience. He has been active in a wide range of industries at various levels of product technology, in both domestic and international markets. Mr. Oliver has served in senior financial management positions for operating units of "Fortune 100" companies along with having experience with privately held companies. He has consulted for a variety of businesses. Mr. Oliver has been a key contributor in business transformations.

Seven years of his career were with Emerson Electric Co. as Chief Financial Officer for two operating units. Emerson has been highlighted in the Harvard Business Review for its management process and long-term profitability record. During his tenure at Emerson, he was a major contributor in the development and execution of strategic plans that transformed a break-even operating unit to a profitability level near the top of U.S. peer group companies. The Company's improved return on capital doubled the "S&P 500" average. 

Mr. Oliver served as CFO for a business unit of Smithkline Beckman. He helped turn around an instrument business of that Company that was incurring substantial losses to profitability. He was also head of strategic and financial planning for an operating unit of Dresser Industries.

He has consulted for a number of diverse companies including the prominent private equity firm of former U.S. Secretary of the Treasurer, William E. Simon, United Technologies, Snapple, the Stanley garage door opener business and other companies. Mr. Oliver's assignments included profitability and cash flow improvement, business analysis and planning and comprehensive organizational performance measurements.

Mr. Oliver created and copyrighted "Value Creation Insights" which is a profitability improvement and value creation management tool. It integrates strategy, operations and financial management. The business analysis, planning and execution management tool consists of twelve modules. The cornerstone, however, is the business "picture." It is an 8 1/2" by 11" colored reflection of an organization's cause and effect components that drive value creation. Another feature is the ability to determine how a business plan and or alternative strategies will impact a company's intrinsic value. Two key modules link the customer value proposition and the business processes that deliver customer value. An additional major feature is an execution roadmap.

Mr. Oliver graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting and finance. He is a Certified Management Accountant and is a member of the Institute of Management Accountants. Mr. Oliver is trained and licensed by the Professional Management Institute to implement a proprietary enterprise management system to help improve operating and financial performance of companies of various sizes and complexities. This system has been used by General Electric, IBM, ATT and other companies.